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11/26/2021: UPDATES

*BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY SALE* only available on conconbyemu.com! Use "EMUSALE21" for 25% off this whole weekend! Since this is my supplier's site they'll be handling all the shipments ordered on this website. Contact them at support@secureorderservices.com for your order details.

4/1/2021: UPDATES

*HAPPY APRIL FOOLS* limited apparel will be available until midnight of 4/5! If you didn't grab a few things last year now is your chance!!

11/20/2020: UPDATES

*NEW* 20,NOVEMBER V1 and V2 only available for 24 hours! Both designs available in mesh and cotton, only on conconbyemu for a limited time!

11/20/2020: UPDATES

*NEW* 20,NOVEMBER V1 and V2 only available for 24 hours! Both designs available in mesh and cotton, only on conconbyemu for a limited time!

5/22/2020: UPDATES

*NEW* 5.1.1. SHIRT only available for 24 hours, since I missed the original 5/11 date I'll be releasing it today along with a new color scheme! These shirts will be available in cotton and mesh both only on conconbyemu~ I'll be removing the listing tomorrow so if you missed your chance last year you can get it now!

4/1/2020: UPDATES

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS LIMITED MERCH: DDR 420, Osu! Shirts & MAX 300 Jumpsuit! I've always wanted to do something silly for April Fools so here it is! Listing will be removed in 24 hours after post.

3/11/2020: UPDATES

TAIKO NO TATSUJIN RED & BLACK HOODIES now available only on conconbyemu!

1/28/2020: UPDATES

TAIKO NO TATSUJIN V2 and HOODIE now available on conconbyemu!

1/1/2020: UPDATES


12/11/2029: UPDATES

IIDX SILLY LOVE SHIRT and IIDX HEROIC VERSE HOODIE now available on conconbyemu!

11/13/2029: UPDATES

FGO ASTOLFO SHIRT now available on conconbyemu!

10/28/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* DRAWSTRING BAGS batch #2 introducing Large (13.3’’ x 17.3’’) size compared to Small (11.7’’ x 14.6’’) size previously along with 9 new designs! Older designs still available on concon.shop, will see which new designs are popular so I can restock in my personal store~

10/14/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* FATE/GRAND ORDER ASTOLFO SHIRT now available first on conconbyemu, later on concon.shop!

7/17/2019: UPDATES

DRAWSTRING BAGS now restocked on concon.shop, if I ever run out they're always available on conconbyemu.com! There is a supplier error on the website currently which doesn't show drawstring bags so I'm trying to get it fixed ASAP. I will be ordering more and making new designs since these bags were popular~

6/17/2019: UPDATES

NEW DESIGNS OUT: DDR Alice, DDR A20, Dancerush Graphic White & Dark, available on conconbyemu first and later concon.shop!

4/17/2019: UPDATES

*SDVX 5 VIVID WAVE* SHIRTS & HOODIES are now available! They are up on preorders from 4/17 to 4/24 11:59pm PST on concon.shop while they're always available on this website! Really excited for this design I really like SDVX 5's theme~

4/2/2019: UPDATES

Tictail store has closed due to company closing, I have reopened my store on concon.shop! It has everything from Tictail, and whenever apparel is out of stock this site will always carry what you need. Still working on the website for more content in the coming months!

3/2/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* PUMP IT UP XX SHIRT now available first on conconbyemu, later on Tictail!

2/8/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* IIDX Brogamer hoodie now available on conconbyemu! I made this awhile ago but didn't get a chance to update until now.
*NEW* Taiko, Rinon, Dark Rinon, and FGO Okita & Nobu now available in women V-neck designs on conconbyemu! I got a few requests for these a while back I am finally able to release them now!
*All towel designs added onto conconbyemu store

1/23/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* FATE GRAND ORDER OKITA & NOBU SHIRT now available on conconbyemu!

12/20/2018: UPDATES

*NEW* Taiko no Tatsujin and DDR Dark Rinon shirts release! These will first be available on conconbyemu and will later be stocked in Tictail after cons.

11/20/2018: UPDATES

Today is 20, November. Limited special design available for 24 hours!

10/10/2018: UPDATES

*RHYTHM GAME TOWELS 1ST RELEASE* Available for special preorder price from Oct. 10 to Oct. 15 // 11:59pm PST only on conconbyemu! I want to order a few before making a bunch of designs. Towels will be removed from store after Oct. 15.

9/8/2018: UPDATES

Everything on website should be running fine, new things include Women's tanks and V-necks! Cotton shirts of all designs should be added. I will be working on making more hoodies later on this month.

7/22/2018: UPDATES

SOFT OPENING for this website, my main store is concon on Tictail however if you're looking for designs that are out of stock on my main website they're all available here! Website is still work in progress but it will be updated later on, everything should work fine, if not send me a message~ This way everyone can order what they want and do not have to wait for preorders!

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